Livingston House
Factory Road

The house was owned by Captain Dan Livingstone. He was one of four Livingstone brothers who built along the Bras d'Or Lake and were owners of neighboring properties. Their names were John, Dan, William and George, and were grand nephews of the famous Livingstone explorer. The lumber for the house was transported by boat from Lunenburg and Halifax, with the roof being constructed of foot wide planks of one inch thickness and held together by wooden pegs. This house has been greatly renovated over the years. In the early days, the house contained a telegraph office, which led to it being referred to as the "Telegraph House". Stories have it that it was "the place to be" around election time when many would gather to hear the results as they came in across the wire. Several telegrams have been found in the attic of the house. The house stood empty for several years until it was purchased in 1940.

Architectural Comment

The house still has the familiar "widow's peak" which overlooks the lake and which once had a doorway onto an upstairs balcony.

Contextual Comment

Local stories suggest that the house could be haunted. After the untimely death of her husband, a widow living in the house would hold sťances to try to contact his spirit. She often remarked that she had great conversations with him.

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