Bain's Store
Old Route 5

Like any community store, it was the hub of commerce in the community before the convenience of one stop shopping at grocery stores in town. Hector Campbell built the store in the early 1920ís and it carried a little bit of everything. His niece Edith MacKenzie remembers working there after school when she was a little girl. Although not too much is known about the store during this period, Edith remembers a fire that caused extensive damage to the store and that her uncle used to live in a small cabin on the same property. Hector sold the property to Johnny MacNeil, Johnnyís sister Jamie worked in the store until it was sold to Leslie Bain in 1946. When Leslie Bain returned from World War II he purchased and expanded the store. For the first year Leslie and his wife with their small son lived in small quarters built onto the store. The business thrived. A true general store, the Bainís sold everything from nails to kerosene and groceries. Leslie would take phone orders and deliver groceries all over Boularderie Island, New Campbellton and Englishtown. There were gas pumps located at the store as well. When Leslie passed away in 1982, Ethel and her son Keith, along with his sons continued to run the store until May 1st, 2004.

Architectural Comment

Vernacular in style, this is a box style building.

Contextual Comment

Located along Old Route 5, Bainís store was a fixture in this community for over 80 years until it closed in 2004. It was a small place that carried a bit of everything. It was a place for people in the community to go to get caught up on the local news as well as pick up a few supplies. It was opened by Hector Campbell in the early 1920ís.

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