Drummond United Church
Ross Ferry Road

The church and the property have an association with the Munroe family who established the Boularderie Academy in 1836. The land (6 acres in all) for Drummond United Church and its cemetery were donated by Mrs. Jessie Munroe. Mrs. Munroe also donated the rough lumber from her land to build the church. Construction started in the late early fall of 1927, so dedicated was the building committee, that Malcolm Morley (one of the builders) remembered shingling the roof during the middle of a snow storm. Only partially completed Drummond Church opened its doors on November 9, 1927; an official reopening was held in the spring of 1928. When Rev. Kenneth Munroe died in 1931, his mother asked that he be buried facing her home. The local story tells that she stood in the porch of her home, and when she was satisfied that she had the best view possible of the gravesite, she waved her apron to the men as a signal as to where to dig. Also located in the cemetery is a monument to Isabella Gordon MacKay, recognized as the woman who helped bring formal education and religion to Boularderie Island. In 1957 the addition of the “James Fraser Memorial Hall” was made to Drummond Church. Stained glass and some modernizations have occurred over the years, but the general appearance of the church has remained the same. When the church was built, the bell which sits on the lawn was located in the bell tower. Badly damaged after a wind storm, the congregation decided to discontinue its use. It was eventually decided to repair the bell and move it outside in order for it to be rung for the fiftieth anniversary of the church.

Architectural Comment

The shingle clad church is a wonderful example of Georgian and Neo classical architecture. It features original gothic windows and three with stained glass. Very little has changed about this church since 1957, both on the interior and the exterior.

Contextual Comment

Located on the Ross Ferry Road in Boularderie Island, Drummond United Church is a corner entrance church with Victorian influence. Located not too far from the original site of the Boularderie Academy, Drummond’s history is closely associated with the Munroe Family. Backed by a neat little cemetery, the property also features a beautiful bell that was dedicated to the church. In the spring, the lawns of the church come alive with hundreds of daffodils, just in time to re-start spring and summer services.

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