MacKenzie House
Ross Ferry Road

The house is built in a vernacular style for that period. It seems to have some classic revival design elements, including the single dormer over the ell, and the steeply pitched roof. It is a one and one half storey structure with two inset brick chimneys. The windows vary, with most being double hung and large fixed light windows. The foundation is fieldstone, and the shingles have been replaced with vinyl siding. Donald MacKenzie was best known as a councilor for the Municipality of Victoria County. First elected in 1887, he served for fourteen years until 1901. Donald was also a blacksmith in the Ross Ferry Community. His son, Adam, came back from working in Calgary and took over the property in 1919. He farmed the property, growing vegetables and raising cattle. Both Adam and his father Donald lived long and healthy lives. Adam is well known for the walk he took on the occasion of his 100th birthday. He walked 7kms to visit his cousin and then walked home. Donald’s son Gordon worked on the Ross Ferry and was at the helm when the last ferry crossed before the opening of the Seal Island Bridge. Gordon is the third generation to live in the MacKenzie house.

Architectural Comment

Built in 1880, this is a good example of local vernacular architecture, with strong Classic Revival stylings. The foundation of the home is fieldstone. Windows are varied in size, fixed light and double hung. Original shingles have been replaced with vinyl siding. This is a one and one half storey structure with a pointed dormer on the ell.

Contextual Comment

Located on the Ross Ferry Road, this property has been in the MacKenzie family since 1874. Prior to that, the original land grant belonged to a Murdoch MacKenzie (no direct relation) and changed hands two more times before being purchased by Donald MacKenzie in 1876. The house that sits on the property was built circa 1880. The one hundred and twenty-five year old house remains unchanged in its appearance. Also located on the property is a nice old timber-framed barn was also built by the MacKenzie family.

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