MacNeil’s General Store


This building has been an important part of our Island’s history for close to 100 years. Built in 1909, MacNeil’s General Store is a typical Maritime Box style building. Built from Cape Breton spruce the original building measured 20 feet by 30 feet. The store which was opened by Alex MacNeil housed his family upstairs and the inventory and the store below. They carried everything one could think of, including farm items, tools, groceries, and feed for animals. Located alongside the store was MacNeil’s first venture, formerly the community blacksmith. When MacNeil opened the general store in 1909, his grandson Donald took over the forge. Out of the forge the family sold hay, kept horses and did traditional blacksmithing. In later years there was a truck garage and a gas station built onto the forge. In 1965 Alex’s son Vince took over the store. At this time it was expanded in size and operated as part of a group of independent grocery stores. In 1995 Vince’s son Jim took over the store, renovated it, and continues to operate it as an “old fashioned general store”. For four generations the MacNeil’s have been conducting business on Boularderie Island.

Architectural Comment

This building is vernacular in style.

Contextual Comment

Located along at the start of the Groves Point Road, MacNeil’s General Store has served the community of Boularderie for close to 100 years. Still owned by the family the building now houses an “Old Fashioned” General Store and Fudgery. The property once housed the local blacksmith shop, which has since been replaced by an old caboose from the Sydney Steel, which was converted to an ice cream store in 1995.

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