Chalmers United Church
Groves Point Road

The building of Chalmers United Church was a true community effort. People from the community came together, held fundraisers and shared resources to build what was then a Presbyterian church. In 1925 Chalmers was rededicated as a United Church after the split of the two churches. The small white church with its Gothic windows is built with Georgian influence in mind. It took the community 50 days to construct the church. This small church contained a fully furnished vestry, organ, pulpit and furniture and was debt free when it opened. Unique to the history of this church is the small number of weddings, funerals and baptisms performed in the church. Only two couples were married at Chalmers prior to 1979, three children baptized, and two funerals held. By 1979 the church was considered closed by the United Presbytery Ministry, even though several services were held throughout the summer. The church became the total responsibility of the community. By 1985 there was only one service being held in the church each year. At this time a rumor circulated that the church and the land were to be sold and the building torn down. A group of community members got together and fought passionately to save their little church from falling into private hands. The ministry agreed to allow the community to re-open the church on the condition that they would provide the Minister, music and funds to keep the church open. They had two years to prove themselves before the United Church would consider taking them in again. They were successful and for a brief period the church held summer services again until the church closed its little doors for the last time in 2004. It has since been sold, and converted to a private residence. The owners have maintained the original exterior of the building, preserving its place as the “little church in the glen.”

Architectural Comment

The shingle clad church is a wonderful example of Georgian and Neo classical architecture. It features original gothic windows. Very little has changed about this church since 1907, both on the interior and the exterior.

Contextual Comment

“The church in the glen” is located at Groves Point on land sold to the church for $1.00 by Rory MacLeod. Chalmers United Church was opened on August 3, 1907. A church with a unique history started its life as a Presbyterian Church, and closed its doors as a United Church. In its 100 year history the church and its congregation battled to keep the building open and maintain its congregation.

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