Grant's Store
Ross Ferry Road

Although not an old building, this building is of definite community value. Unique in its construction and in its shape this four square box style building is constructed from cement blocks. Not much has changed about the store. The gas pumps that were put in place in 1923 remained there until 1987. It was the first and the last stop for gas along the road to the ferry. Adjacent to Grantís Store is a building erected in 1942 that once served as a feed shed. At one time it was not uncommon for the business to sell six or seven hundred pounds of feed a month! As well they sold farm equipment for Massey Harris the company that later became Massey Ferguson. Grants handled all the milk and produce sales for local farmers. As well, they took delivery of milk and eggs and other produces and either re-sold them locally, or acted as a middleman for sales to the larger merchants in town. Finally, the Grant brothers provided delivery service to all the local people. Lloyd tells the story of one evening when they were delivering feed to a farm on the Southside of Boularderie. In the middle of winter, they had just about reached their destination when the truck could go no further. Lloyd and his friend walked about a kilometer to the farmerís house to find no one awake. They took the wooden sleigh that was in the yard back to the truck with the intent to load the feed and leave the sleigh there for the farmer in the morning. It was such a lovely night that they decided instead to walk the feed on the sleigh back to the farmerís house. Lloyd and his friend dragged the sleigh with 500 pounds of feed on it across the crest back to the farm. It is not known if the farmer knew what really had happened, as he never did mention it to Lloyd.

Architectural Comment

Built of cinder blocks, the building has maintained its shape since 1948. It is not an old building but an important part of the history of commercial history of Boularderie Island.

Contextual Comment

Grantís Store has been a fixture in Ross Ferry for more than 50 years. The original building was located at the Ross Ferry Wharf. When the ferry was discontinued the original building was moved to where the Ross Ferry Fire Hall is now located. A new building was erected on its current location in 1948. The four square box style building is constructed of cement blocks. It has been operated by brothers Lloyd and Robert Grant for most of its life at its present location. It once was a hub of activity in the community with the old hand crank gas pumps only having been removed in 1987. Aside from its shape, one of the unique features of Grantís is the beautiful flowering plants that can be seen in the windows when you pass by. As well, one never knows what they will find in Grantís, with vintage advertising on the walls and objects from Boularderieís past located everywhere. Grantís store is a real fixture in our community and one that would be surely missed.

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