Millville Post Office
MacIntosh Lane

This was the site of the Millville Post Office for many years. The house has gone under very few renovations, and still maintains original woodwork, hardwood floors and doors. There were a number of outbuildings including a barn, forge, wagon shed, garage, hen house, pig house, coal house, storage sheds, well house and outhouse.

Architectural Comment

This house is a one and one half storey in the late Victorian style. It has a front veranda and enclosed porch. The windows are mostly double hung and fixed light. There are hoods over some of the windows under the porch. The house is shingled with corner boards. The house has a dormer over the ell and is asymmetrical.

Contextual Comment

John MacIntosh was the Postmaster until the post office went to the MacKays, then it returned to Irene MacIntosh McCready who served as postmistress until it closed.

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