Man of War Light Keeper's House
Ross Ferry Road

This house was built in 1887 at Man of War Point in Boularderie Centre. The purpose of the one and a half storey structure was to house the lighthouse keepers and their families. The light keepers who occupied this house over the years were responsible for maintaining the light at the Man Of War lighthouse. That original lighthouse has now been replaced by an automated light. Initially built as a residence, this house has been converted into an art gallery and studio by the present owner.

Architectural Comment

The architectural style of the building is vernacular for that period with Greek Revival features and has a steeply pitched gable roof. The original wooden cladding has been replaced by vinyl clapboard siding with corner boards. The windows are double-hung multi-pane, and are accented with decorative vinyl shutters. The front fašade is two bay and asymmetrical. There is an ornate entablature over the main doorway. Also, there is a bit of gingerbread molding in the peak of the front gable end.

Contextual Comment

In this year of 2006, this house will be one hundred and nineteen years of age. It is located quite a far distance off the main road, and is situated high on a hill surrounded by trees. The property on which this former dwelling was built was granted jointly to Murdoch McLeod and John McDonald in 1814 and consisted of one hundred and eighty-five acres.

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