Millville, Mill Pond & Area School
Mill Pond Road

One room schoolhouses were once very common on Boularderie Island. At one time 12 little schools dotted the landscape from Kempt Head to Point Aconi. Today only 4 of the schools exist in their original shape. The Kempt Head School, Munro (Ross Ferry School), the Big Bank Schoolhouse, and the Southside Schoolhouse maintain their original shapes we associate with a one-room schoolhouses. Otherís like the Millcreek School, which underwent various renovations and eventually ended up as the community centre in Millville. Or the Island Point School on Southside Boularderie, the original was torn down in 1955 and replaced by the existing structure found on the Fraser property.

Architectural Comment

Once this building was typical of most Cape Breton Schoolhouses. Once it was moved, there were additions made to the building to accommodate the growing number of students.

Contextual Comment

The Millville school was first built in 1840. Located on what is known as the backlands on the Millpond Road. It had 40 students the first year it was open. Another building was built around 1882, replacing the older building. On January 1st, 1954 the St. Davidís Hall on the Millpond road was moved to the location of the school to accommodate the growing number of students. This was the last school to close in 1977. At its peek in the early 60ís the school had over 50 students and 3 teachers. The school has since taken on the role of the Millville Community Centre.

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