Big Bras d'Or Post Office
Old Route 5

John MacDonald was one of the first settlers in the Big Bras d'Or area. He was a yeoman and a well known shipbuilder. In 1900 Kenneth Morrison purchased the property and became the first postmaster.

Architectural Comment

The vernacular style house is 1 1/2 storey with a steeply pitched gable roof. It has one brick inset chimney. The windows are double hung and are 1/1 with decorative wooden shutters. The exterior cladding is wooden shingles with corner boards. There is on pointed dormer on the ell. The foundation is fieldstone. The front fašade on the main part is 2 bay-asymmetrical and the fašade on the ell is 3 bay and is symmetrical.

Contextual Comment

Over the years the property was divided from its original 100 acres to the current 5 acres possessed by its current owners. The kitchen as been taken back to its original wainscoting, the hardwood floors have been restored as well as other renovations, always mindful of the heritage of the house. The house was used in the filming of the 1986 movie, Island Love Song which featured the Barra MacNeils and Gordon Clapp.

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