MacAulay House-Trunk 105
Highway 105

John MacKay and Annie MacAulay were the original owners. Built by local carpenters, the family and a traveling chimney maker. There is an original barn on the property that was used for cattle, feed storage and hay. There is also an original well on the property that never went dry.

Architectural Comment

This country style, two-storey house was built in 1900. The house contains an old fireplace, original woodwork around doors, ceiling, original hardwood floors, and doors. There are big trees for some of the cills in the basement. There are also home made cast iron radiators. The house has a steeply pitched roof and a dormer over the ell.

Contextual Comment

After the electricity war, a Mitchelitis from Sydney Mines wired the house. Anne MacKeigan was 13 years old when they first got electricity. Anne said the first thing the parents went out to buy was a fridge.

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