MacKinnon House
Hillside Boularderie Road

This was the home of Donald MacKenzie who was known locally and in song as "Wild Donald from Bras d'Or". Donald MacKenzie was a postman who resided here with his mother.

Architectural Comment

This two-storey house was originally Cape Cod in design, before an addition. There are front and back staircases. There is an original barn that was used as a cow and hay barn. The outhouse that was used before indoor plumbing was installed still remains on the property. An extension was built onto the front of the house in the 1920's. This included a living room, staircase and bedroom. The veranda has been replaced, as well as windows, roof and shingles. However, there have been no major changes so as to maintain the original character of the house.

Contextual Comment

The song "Wild Donald From Bras d'Or" details the exploits of one of the house's former owners, a postman who resided in the house with his mother.

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