Patterson House-Old Route 5
Old Route 5

This house is located on the land that was originally granted to John Patterson who came from Scotland in 1826. With no evidence of any other structures on the property, it is thought to be the original house. Circa 1830, this little house is located close to the route of the old road that ran through Big Bras d'Or. Built by John Patterson, he and his wife Isabelle raised four children in this house. In 1902, a J. Patterson made renovations to the chimney in the home. The wall has been signed and dated March 24, 1902. This project is further documented by the order for the bricks that has been found in the home as well. When the current owners purchased this home from the Wallace family (4th generation of the Pattersons) they undertook the task of restoring the home. Recently they put a new foundation under the home. This will ensure it will remain where it has been standing for close to 200 years for many more years to come.

Architectural Comment

The house, which is classic revival style, has changed very little over the years. The interior has been stripped to the original boards and is currently showing the timber frame. The stone foundation for the old barn remains on the property as well. The windows are double hung and fixed light. The current cladding is vinyl, but the current owners hope to expose the wood shingles that are underneath.

Contextual Comment

The age of this house, as well as its classic appearance, make it a fixture in the community.

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