MacDonald House-Millville
MacDonald Road

Built in 1894 by Malcolm MacDonald, the MacDonald family was the first group of settlers on this road that now bears their name. The house can be accurately dated because during renovations the current owners found pennies placed under the window sills. This was common practice when building houses and an excellent way to date the home. Although it is not lived in, the current owners are maintaining the home. It is interesting to note, that when the owners constructed their new family home, they too placed pennies with the construction date under their sills. Direct descendants of the people who built the original home, the have continued a somewhat forgotten tradition.

Architectural Comment

The house is one and a half storey with a dormer on the ell. The front of the house is asymmetrical and features double hung and fixed light windows. There are hoods over the windows on the front. The house also features two inset brick chimneys. It is shingle clad with a steeply pitched roof.

Contextual Comment

The MacDonald Road was named after the MacDonald Family that originally owned this house.

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