Presbyterian Church Manse
Old Route 5

Located on Old Route 5, the former Presbyterian Church Manse was built in 1906. It is a full two storey home set on a cement foundation. Built to serve the congregation of St. James Presbyterian Church, the manse was built under the supervision of the church trustees. At the time the trustees were: Phillip Battleman, Angus MacAulay, Roderick MacLeod, Malcolm D. Morrison, Alex Fraser, James Grant, John MacLeod and John MacGregor. The land for the building was purchased from John R. Bain in 1905 for eight dollars. In 1975 the manse and most of the property was sold by the church to private owners. These owners have maintained the general original appearance of the home including the shingle cladding and corner boards as well as some of the windows. An enclosed sun porch extends across the front of the house and part way around the western side. The inside of the home has remained mostly original as well. This home is an excellent example of built heritage on the island. The manse served 10 ministers and their families, two of those ministers were native sons of Boularderie Island and are buried in the church cemetery.

Architectural Comment

This house was built in the four square design. It has a hip roof and is a full two storey with an inset chimney on the western side. The windows are double hung, 1/1 and 2/2, casement windows as well as fixed light. The manse retains its original shingle cladding and corner boards. There is an enclosed sun porch which was once an open veranda. The front of the house is multi bay and asymmetrical.

Contextual Comment

The congregation of St. James Presbyterian Church bought this land for eight dollars in 1905. The manse served ten ministers and their families before being sold into private ownership in 1975.

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