MacIntyre House
Hillside Boularderie Road

This house was built in three stages, the first being built over 200 years ago. It was originally a one room home, what is now the kitchen. An addition was later built on to the main floor area, and then later again, the roof was lifted and a second storey was added.

Architectural Comment

This one and one half storey house was built in the Gothic Revival style. The floor joists and wall uprights are hand-hewed (black spruce), white washed and birch bark between cracks in boards. Small area of the living room has hardwood floor. There have been different porches over the years. The house was lifted in 1978 for the purpose of adding a basement. Extensive renovations have included new chimney, roof, windows deck and siding.

Contextual Comment

Many houses in the area were built in stages, according to varying incomes, new technology, and familial changes.

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