Livingston House - Big Bras d'Or
Old Route 5

In 1920 this house was a place of worship. Catholic masses were held here as part of the St. Joseph's mission. There was a baby grand piano at the back of the house that was used for the services.

Architectural Comment

Built in 1860, this house is also connected to the Livingston family; descendants of Angus Livingston built this house. The second part of the house was added before 1920. The builders did not bother to join the two parts of the house at the wall seams. Instead, they joined them using the floor boards. The ceilings are tongue and groove and the construction of the house is timber framed hand hewn spruce logs. The construction is mortise and tennen. The house is still shingled with corner boards. The house has return eaves and one brick inset chimney.

Contextual Comment

Located in the house is the signature of Captain Alex Livingston where he signed the renovations in 1920. Also located on the property is a shrine to a Mr. Arnold who died not long after purchasing the property.

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