O'Toole House - Pt. Aconi
Point Aconi Road

Patrick O'Toole's wife, Emma, was the mid wife for the area, and often told her grandchildren stories of delivering babies in snow storms and other foul conditions. Patrick also kept Clydesdales at the farm. The barn is still standing and is now used as a workshop. He sold one of the horses one year, and everytime the horse walked by he would turn in the gate to head back to his old barn. Patty was also miner, and he would cross the Millcreek foot bridge twice a day to come and go from work. It is said he would recite the rosary on each occasion as he was afraid of falling off the bridge.

Architectural Comment

The house was built circa 1890. It’s a neat little vernacular home with Gothic Revival leanings. The eaves of the house feature carved trim over the top window and the eaves. The house is shingled and has had the windows replaced. It was built by Patrick William O’Toole who had received the land from his father.

Contextual Comment

This house was known as the residence of the local midwife.

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