MacNeil House - Southside Boularderie

There was a general store on the property which sold a variety of items. The store operated until 1940.

Architectural Comment

Built in 1905 this house is the second to stand on the property granted to the MacNeil family. The current house was built by Alexander MacNeil, Hector MacNeil and John MacDermitt. The property operated as a farm until recently when the final flock of sheep was sold. There is an old barn located on the property, circa 1860, and a small building that served as a general store built around 1910. The store which sold a wide variety of merchandise closed in 1940. The house is built in the simple Victorian style which was very typical for area at the time. It is a two and a half storey with double hung and fixed light windows. The roof has two dormers and an inset brick chimney, one of the dormers is on the ell of the house. The house is shingled. The barn is a first generation barn and one of only a handful remaining on Boularderie Island.

Contextual Comment

This house is remembered for the general store that operated on the land until 1940.

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