Flemming House
Millville Highway

This house was once the site of a large farm. After the house was rebuilt, there were several barns and a two-storey carriage house built as well. They had at one time a sheep farm with over 100 ewes. They also boarded the stud horses and bulls for the community. According to the Boularderie Agricultural review, they used to have a cooperative to buy large farm tools and supplies. When the house was reshingled, the boards that were discovered underneath were over 30 inches wide. Unfortunately, thieves have recently stripped all the finish from inside the house.

Architectural Comment

This is a nice example of built heritage. It was built in 1896, replacing a house that was burnt after an oat field caught fire. The stone mason came and lived at the house with the family while helping to rebuild. The frame was cut and pieced by men from the family. They used recycled timbers that they were able to salvage from the first house. This home still has double hung windows with hoods on the lower level. The top storey windows are single pane and double hung. The house features a dormer with a Gothic arch window.

Contextual Comment

This house is remembered for the large farm that used to operate on the property.

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