MacLeod House - Big Bras d'Or
Old Route 5

This home was built by Norman R. MacLeod in 1910 when he returned home from the USA. He was a carpenter and a sawyer. The property belonged to his parents, John and Annie MacLeod who had their home further back on the property. He and his wife, Ida, had eight children in this house, but left the house for a period of 25 years to move to the Mill Pond area to look after Ida's father. Daughter, Norma, tells that one day her sister Ann was up on the roof of the veranda painting the front part of the house when she slipped and fell. Her father asked if she spilled the paint! Norma relates it was always a funny family story as her father's concern seemed to be more for the paint and not Ann.

Architectural Comment

This one and a half storey house is a simple Victorian style Cape Breton farmhouse. It has a dormer over the ell, double hung windows and an open veranda across the front of the home.

Contextual Comment

This house was built and lived in by local carpenter, Norman R. MacLeod.

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