Smith House
Old Farm Lane

This residence was built as a farm house. It later served as a post office- the proximity to the wharf road, where boats would come and go with mail, was an advantage. The house boasts the first bathroom on Boularderie Island, and possibly the first telephone as well. A telephone operator did live in the house at one point. Ralphee and Charlie Smith are the only known residents- married at the nearby Bauer House, Ralphee is buried in Saint James Cemetery.

Architectural Comment

This one-and-a-half story farmhouse was built in an asymmetrical vernacular style. The side ell enclosed porch was built when plumbing was installed- the owners opted to put the bathroom in the old porch, and added an elevation for the new porch, as was often the case at the inception of plumbing. The house has return eaves, and double hung as well as sliding fixed light windows. It was built with two chimneys; one remains, as well as an original fireplace and some original ceiling boards on the second story. Some original doors and older cupboards also remain in the house

Contextual Comment

The land grant for the property is reported to have been issued at Louisbourg, for an area of 30 acres.

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