Morrison House
Kempt Head Road

Joseph Howe signed the land grant for this property. The Morrison family later built the house- the initials J.M. are carved into the stone of the root cellar. Chester Goods wife was a maid in the house, and used to travel across the ice to catch the train to Sydney.

Architectural Comment

This house was built in a symmetrical foursquare style, but back and side additions, as well as a front veranda, make its current appearance vernacular. It has had interior renovations to bring it up to date- the windows and doors have been replaced, and insulation and power have been installed since the 1960s. However, the house retains original beams in its frame, which are to this day held together by wooden pegs.

Contextual Comment

Another old house foundation remains on the property, as does the Whiskey Spring. Men used to make moonshine at the spring and sell it from boats on the Bras dOr. When two men drowned on the return trip from a sale, rumours were born that the spring was haunted by their ghosts.

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