Bratach Gorm-Boularderie Centre Post Office
Kempt Head Road

This house served as the Boularderie Centre Post Office for some time. The last owner of the residence, Randolf MacLean, is reported to have disliked the colour green so passionately that he wouldn’t eat green food. This casts irony on the name of the house, Bratach Gorm- Gaelic for ‘Green Flag’.

Architectural Comment

This house contains a front ell and side porch addition, but has retained many of the visual aspects of the box style in which it was built.

Contextual Comment

This house was likely built between 1911 and 1914: the owners have found newspapers dating from those years (used as insulation) in the course of renovations. The house was moved after its construction, but the location of the original foundation remains uncertain. There is an old barn foundation on the property, and the current garden is situated where the coach house once stood. The old road from the water once ran beside the house, making it a choice location for a post office. It was officially termed the Boularderie Centre post office; the current owners retain the original stamp of identification from those days.

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